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2014 - 15 Season : Bank Increases 254%

Betting on Asian Handicap with Win Rate upto 73.26%

Season Win Rate Return On Capital to 5% Stake
2012 - 13 66.00% 163.00%
2013-14 67.18% 125.00%
2014-15 73.26% 254.20%
2015-16 100% 115.00%

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            What our Members are talking about CSP Soccer Betting Service ...          

"CSP is a transparent, honest, and reliable service to seriously consider for your portfolio. Customer service is prompt, courteous, and friendly. Daily selections delivered via email with lots of time to place wagers and find best odds. Long term results appear to be good; Selections are typically with odds of even or better, usually better; A wonderful approach to soccer wagering without focusing on typical short favourites; Definitely recommended!    Max from Canada"


"I have said before and will say again - i never have come across a service which comes anywhere near as good as yours - sure its time consuming and hard work at times but its well worth it at the end of each month. Congratulations on not having a losing month since February (which was only a small loss) - that is fantastic. I have been following your selections since mid January and you have made me substantial profits of almost £20,000 and thank you so much for that.

Im sure there are other members who have not made near that but its only because they are lazy and do not strive to always get best possible odds that they can by opening an account with every bookmaker and if they close you down - then make a deal with a friend to open an account using their identity. Many services have come and go this year but Covert Profits will always remain- Jay you are an absolute genius!!

Unfortunately, my wife has spent most of my profits spent on doing up the house but i also have been able to pay off all credit card debts (again thank you so much) and still maintain a reasonable betting bank to take losing streaks. More of the same for next year hopefully.

Kind Regards,


Hi Jay
 Just a line to  thank you for your tips. I have been a member for a few months
now, and my betting account has really grown thanks to you.Keep it
up!and thanks again.
Keith Randell (France)


Hi Jay,

Just wanted to provide you with some feedback on the
Covert Soccer Profits Service. I am delighted to say it's easily the
best and most genuine service I have ever been subscribed to and has
actually made me quite a bit of money.

When I first came across
your site back in January - I have to say I was quite skeptical
thinking that there is no way any service could produce such profitable
results like this - thinking that these results must be doctored in
some way by omitting the odd losing bet here and there but I thought I
would give it a go for one month using very small stakes.

my pleasant surprise, I had a really profitable week on my first week
and my results tallied up exactly to those on the website. After the
first week, I increased my stakes and by the end of January I had made
£1500 and by this stage I was staking £100 a bet.

in February, I made a slight loss overall on the month but again my
results mirrored exactly those which had been posted on the website so
I was not discouraged as it only boosted my belief that the past
results on the website were genuine and had hope that these profits
could be achieved again in the coming months and sure enough in March I
made just over 2,000 and to date in April I'm up over £1200 totaling
around £4500 since I joined.

I would also like to point out that
while the service was making good profits, it was still enduring some
really bad luck, I have lost count of the number of times that I had a
winning bet at good odds right up until injury time and they concede an
equalizer or else they are winning by 2 goals with a few mins to go and
they still draw. I'm looking forward to another 5k+ month soon where
maybe lady luck swings in our favour.

Fantastic Service, Jay - Keep it up!!


Hi Jay,
I am glad to testify that I enjoy very much being a member of the Covert Soccer Profits Service and the profits which I make. I would encourage anyone who is interested in making consistent passive income to join and in fact to underscore my confidence in the service, I encouraged my friend Brian ***** , to sign up yesterday. Investors should note that profits are not made every day , but consistent investment will return consistent profits.
Best wishes, 
Hey Jay 
No worries matey. . 
I have been receiving these tips for about 2 months now and as you can see the results & points speak for themselves. . . You can only judge a tipster by their results so I am happy with how these have gone since I started and i will continue to receive these in the future 

Hi Jay,

Wanted to say a big THANK YOU for finding this great new service - it is proving it is possible to make a decent second income form betting.

I've been testing it so far with only small stake and have already made £775 since 6th October.

Lets hope it continues for many months to come!!

Thanks Again
Hi Jay, 
I'm really happy with this new service. I've been through countless 
"Tipsters" and this is the first one where I've 
actually made money. Please.... keep the emails coming! 




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Ready to Join CSP - AHc Picks ?


Monthly Subcritpion at £19.95

Sold Out

2015 - 16 Season Package at £79.95



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